Small changes for big results

Health doesn’t need to be complicated. Little changes in the way you eat can have a big impact on the way you feel and live. We know first hand that change isn’t easy (growing up, veggies just weren’t for us), but our journey taught us a lot about how to make it work, even for the most stubborn of us.

Together we can make change happen for you. 

We won’t just tell you what to eat, our goal is to help you know how to eat.

No matter if you’re a vegan or carnivore, we would have a diet that works for you.

It’s Time!

Let’s take the mystery and confusion out of health eating.
  • Small changes for big results
  • Together we can make change happen for you.
  • Small changes for big results
  • Together we can make change happen for you.


Every individual's experience is unique, influenced by factors such as lifestyle, preferences, and health status. This overview outlines the general methodology we'll follow during our journey together. Note: For individuals experiencing significant symptoms, our initial focus will be on addressing those concerns. Prioritising your well-being and comfort is our primary goal.

Step 1 – Your Habits

The cornerstone of healthy eating lies in your habits. When these habits align with your daily life, maintaining a healthy diet becomes seamless. We tailor your habits to your specific needs. Addressing Your Unique Needs: Are evening cravings or persistent sugar cravings bothering you? These could be signs that your habits need adjustment. We believe in fitting healthy eating into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Unlike traditional diets that impose rigid rules, our approach adapts to your life’s realities. Life’s unpredictability is inevitable, and rigid rules tend to crumble when challenges arise. Our approach is different; it’s personalised to you.

Step 2 – Reawaken Your Body

After years of dieting, your body’s signals might be faint. Chronic dieting can dull your sense of hunger and fullness. But fear not, these signals can be revived. We start by listening to louder signals, such as cravings. By acknowledging these signals, your body understands that it’s being heard. Your body starts communicating more subtly, indicating hunger and satiety. Through Undieting, you’ll learn to embrace your body’s wisdom, breaking free from food categorizations and counting. This allows your body to gravitate toward foods that promote balance and well-being. Mastering Skills: You’ll gain insights into your body’s preferences and language, deciphering cravings and symptoms. Understand your unique timing for meals and snacks, respecting your body’s rhythm. Embrace “slip-ups” as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Step 3 – Find Food Freedom in Real Life

Attaining food freedom means that food becomes an integral part of life, rather than a constant preoccupation. Old cravings lose their grip, and you enjoy them on your terms.

Embrace Lasting Change

Embracing your body, understanding its language, and identifying your pivotal habits—these empower you to enjoy eating without dieting. Bid farewell to diets for good. With your body as your ally, food becomes a source of pleasure, untainted by guilt.




Dive deep into your health journey. In this session, we'll explore your health goals, concerns, and symptoms. Tailored recommendations and written directions will kick-start your path to better well-being.


This package includes a 90-minute "Dive into Health" consultation and four 30-minute follow-up appointments. Together, we ensure lasting change and guide you to nourish your unique self.


Flexible appointments tailored to your needs. After the initial session, book 60-minute appointments as needed. We'll discuss progress, symptoms, and your well-being. Clear instructions for your next steps will be provided.

What's included

  1. LIVE Q&A SESSIONS: Participate in our bi-weekly Q&A sessions, where your queries will receive answers, and you can access the recordings at your convenience. It’s a beloved feature among our members!
  2. RECIPES , Cheat Sheets, Grocery lists, Meal plans + Our Own E-books on diet and intermittent fasting 
  3. Access a diverse collection of over 200 quick and straightforward healthy food ideas, including options tailored to the seasons, as well as choices for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.


We believe that simplicity is effective! Learn the straightforward path to elevate your energy levels, promote healing within your body, and craft a life you genuinely cherish.


Our certified Holistic Nutritionist will offer periodic recommendations for herbal supplements based on your specific health and symptoms. These suggestions are intended to seamlessly integrate into your daily lifestyle.

Meet Your Personal Nutritionist

Meet  Mirza Mehdi, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who is reshaping the landscape of nutritious living. Graduating as the valedictorian from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Mirza has risen as a prominent authority in digestive health, with a primary focus on remedying Type-2 diabetes, obesity, and various men’s health issues.

His innovative approach to healthy and holistic eating, empowers individuals to unlock their body’s inherent wisdom, uncovering sustainable, tailored solutions to wholesome eating. Mirza’s profound understanding of the intricate connection between nutrition and mental well-being has guided numerous individuals toward enhancing their overall health.

Through his authored works on the subjects of Keto and Intermittent Fasting, he escorts readers through his tried-and-true method for establishing a balanced, healthy lifestyle that effortlessly aligns with one’s natural inclinations.

Say goodbye to diets and hello to a healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle 

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